Quality policy

Customer Satisfaction

The Quality and Food Safety Policy of GRUPO GARME (TRANSPORTES GARME, S.A. and EUROTRANSLIQ, S.L.) has the mission of carrying out incident-free services that fully satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, always guaranteeing the safety of the products that are transported, thanks to compliance with all the requirements, both customer and legal or regulatory and those necessary to ensure the safety of the product during the provision of the service.

  • Compliance with the requirements agreed with our clients, consolidating their confidence in our organization.
  • Commitment to define the policy, enhancing its knowledge, understanding and application by part of the organization's staff and interested parties. This policy provides a framework of reference for the establishment of the objectives of the management system.
  • Commitment to efficiently control all processes and their possible effects on the Quality of our service, emphasizing: or customer relations o Quality of service and solutions offered o High degree of adjustment to the needs of our clients o Compliance with delivery deadlines
  • Satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers regarding quality, Transport of safe products and within the law.
  • Guarantee compliance with legal requirements that affect our activities, especially those aimed at ensuring the traceability and hygienic-sanitary conditions of our vehicles, as well as the applicable standards and good practices.
  • Work with the objective of pursuing the continuous improvement of our processes, both towards customer satisfaction, ensuring compliance with our responsibility environment and our ethical and labor responsibility.
  • Favor adequate working conditions to achieve employee motivation. which results in a better development of their activities.