State of the art trucks, equipped with the latest advances.

  • First brands

    Trust on the best truck makes guarantees high standards of maintenance.

  • Envoironmental friendly

    Respectful towards the environment. 95% of our fleet complies with EURO 5 and 6.

  • Continuous improvement

    Fleet renewal makes it possible to optimize customer service by minimizing incidents caused by vehicle breakdowns.

Vehicle technology


  • Message and data exchange.
  • Vehicle position monitoring.
  • Historical record of routes and messages.
  • Instant response to enquiries from drivers
  • Live monitoring on driving time and rest periods.


  • Up to date information without logistic chain failure
  • Allows a new communication channel aimed at optimizing costs and recording trade deals.
  • Swift understanding of the whole service process.

Tracking system designed exclusively
for professional transport

Improves management and global logistics

Isotherm food tanks

Keep the temperature of the product during transport.

Certificate of adherence to the strictest European food safety regulations.

  • Isothermal tanks IN, IR

    Made of high quality stainless steel.

  • Compartmentalized design

    29.000 up to 32.000 litres tank

  • ATP regulation

    Hygiene, protection and isolation guarantee.

ATP regulation: Hygiene, protection and isolation guarantee.

Tank technology: Equipment

The equipment of our tanks meets the needs of the customer.


Bacteriological filter

Allows direct loading and unloading process without environmental risk. Prevents possible contamination.



If needed, makes unloading process easy.



Keeps optimum temperature of the product during transport


Hydraulic bomb

Loading and unloading function. Food grade stainless steel. Detachable for cleaning.


Unload drawer

Nozzle holders designed to keep the compartment clean.


Pneumatic drive system

For safe opening and closing of the compartments.